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We make everything smarter about people

Xetal NV is a Belgian start-up founded in 2013 developing solutions based on an innovative high-resolution indoor people detection and tracking technology that does not need the wearables, phones or cameras. Our technology relies on proprietary positioning sensors based on temperature sensing. The sensors can be placed on walls, beds or ceiling. They can also be easily embedded in furniture, consumer products and alike. Each sensor allow to detect and track of one or more people with an accuracy of about 30cm. When such an accurate position information is used together with knowledge about the room itself, it is possible to understand what is happening in the room, what people are doing and determine what is likely to happen next. Xetal technology does not use cameras, audio or any other identification technology making it the perfect technology for when respect for personal privacy is a must.

Xetal is the recipient of the Special Mention for the German Design Award 2016, OpenAxel Most Promising European start-up 2016, CODE_n top 50 European start-up 2015, TNW Boost 2015, TNW Boost 2016 and the #BR2016 INNOV8 awards.

Xetal is a PortXL accelerator Alumni , TechFounders accelerator Alumni, CODE_n Alumni, former member of the Microsoft Innovation Centre Vlaanderen.

Our Team
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