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Xetal Yugen Flow

Xetal Yugen sensors can perform different types and measurements and analysis. However, there are situations where it is possible to optimise the sensor for one specific task. Xetal Yugen Flow is an example where the system has been optimized for one specific task: measuring the flow of people through entry and exit points.


Each Yugen Flow sensor can detect when a  person is passing beneath and it provide this information as an integer, where the absolute number is the number of people passing and the sign indicates the direction. This information can, then, be sent to a server ingesting the data via a wired or wireless connection via a standard TCP connection. 

Aside from the sensors, Xetal provides also an open source Flow Monitor server that can ingest the data in order to provide via JSPON API  people count and flow for any space topology. The Flow Monitor server works best with two sensors per point: however it supports also single sensor solutions. It has low hardware requirement as it can be installed also on modest servers or Virtual Machines.

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