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YugenAI sensor

YugenAI sensor

A single Xetal Yugen can be used to detect presence and monitor the surroundings of small areas such as a cash dispenser in order to understand if a person is present and when he/she is getting approached indicating a possible dangerous event

Yugen sensors can be used to monitor open spaces like in airports or train stations where counting of people and monitoring their flow is an essential element to improving safety, security and quality of service. The Y9090HH181 sensor with its coverage of above 40 sqm makes also installation and maintenance of Yugen solutions simple and cost effective.

Xetal Yugen technology can be used to detect one or more persons and know their position in order to understand who the person might be and what he/she is doing.

Xetal Yugen sensors can be used to measure a real-time thermal mapping of an entire area with high thermal and spatial accuracy.

Xetal YugenAI

A Xetal YugenAI sensor is an AI-powered presence sensor able to detect presence of one or more people in a space of 9 sqm. The sensor does not require a person to be moving to be detected and is, therefore, ideal for usage for room occupancy monitoring, desk usage monitoring, light controls and so on.

YugenAI combines a passive FAR infrared technology (for reliable person detection) with an innovative Edge AI software in order to provide information about a person presence, position and even its posture* (as in standing, seated or lying down). This information allows to implements systems that need to detect occupancy, to know the number of people and/or to monitor the flow of people in a given area.

YugenAI does not require video or audio data and operates ion full respect of the most stringent privacy norms. Therefore, it is perfectly suitable for safety, security and any smart building application from small closed spaces to open spaces thanks to its simplicity in installation and maintenance.

Refer to the datasheet for further information. Contact us for further information including custom design.

Experience a live installation demo that shows how people are detected and tracked, as well as how sensor provide thermal and light information.

* Posture detection will be available end 2023

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